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Midland Farm Houses
August 16, 2016
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I.T Tower Shopping Mall

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Our mission is very clear - provide best and fully tested platform and solutions for our clients I.T Tower Shopping Mall the reason we stay loyal to Malls is because of their set of values. The best Mall strive to combine physical, emotional, and logical elements into one exceptional customer -- and employee -- experience.Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.So together, we save money for a better everyday life,"


I.T .Tower Shopping Mall is enjoying a very good customer services reputation by its large team of highly skilled, experienced and professional technical associates. We are helping our customer to reduce the and bring inefficiencies into their mission critical operation by reducing the downtime of production lines by 24X7 onsite/resident customer services engineers and adequate stock of spares.

Our company

New Millennium added new life to the commercial property.Exceptional growth of Commercial Complexes,business centre and shopping plazas truly reflect the boost in the business activity in the city.Leading developers and builders have introduced innovative concepts and earned respect and recognition for creating symbol of success for diverse bushiness.Information technology has been the lifeline of our current business operations. Demand for the information technology related products and services is growing. Urban developers effective;ly identified the dilemma; information technology sector was facing i.e overcrowded information technology marketsI.T Tower is expected to be the strategic base for emerging IT market in the vast central punjab region. Most modern high-rise building in the city,I.T Tower comprises 5 shopping floor including lower not only the largest car parking in Pakistan based on 5 floor but also offers the most technology advanced environment for car parking - car lifts,specifically designed spaces ensure free convenient parking.The Most Modern state-of-the-art earthquake proof. Structure ensure a secure and an ideal environment to conduct every day business with ease.I.T Tower shopping mall is able to provide complete solutions for hydronics air conditioning systems with an high energy efficiency, which guarantee maximum comfort without energy wasting.consumers want to spend their time dedicated to shopping in a comfortable enviroment and this kind of atmosphere not only brings people into store, but keeps them there longer. For this reason, the I.T Tower shopping mall must be able to provide the right comfort in every season and at the same time must allow a right energy consumption in order to contain operating cost.Ideally located on the Hali Road, right opposite to chenOne, 100 yards from Hafeez Centre and pace Shopping Mall, easily accessible from the Canal Road,Liberty Market. Main Market and Gilbert Main Boulevard.IT related businesses shops have been very professionally designed to give every shop maximum display area and convenience to attract and deal with customs. whichever floor you chose for shoppingI.T Tower is an ideal place for multinational and national information technology brands to establish their corporate offices.Truly modern office have been built by every keenly observing the needs I.T tower presents an exciting experience of a world-class shopping complex.I.T tower presents an exciting experience of a world-class shopping complex.I.T tower presents an exciting experience I.T Tower presents you and exciting experience of a world-class shopping complex.Product of absolute imagination and creativity I.T Tower touches the ultimate in outlook and finish. Every Developer promises lifetime maintenance but only caring corporate citizen knows the importance of honouring the commitment.Firm upon its commitment,Urban Developers will be




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